Excellent Opportunity for Di Maria

Paris Saint-Germain could won a 12 points lead if they can manage to win the football match against Lyon Groupama Stadium. In addition, any football star could not be hurt in the process. Footballers under the direction of Bruno Genesio won the second place in Le Championnat ahead of an away win at Caen on Friday. It’s possible for Paris Saint-Germain to get a 12-point clear in the event that they could win the football match in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes. Three excellent professional football players came back together and scored goals for the football club; the footballer of Brazilian national football team failed to enter into the 18-footballer team for the pain in his thigh, and his place could be replaced by a Spanish footballer.

At present, the absence of super star Neymar is an excellent chance for Di Maria, who deserves to resume his football playing career. If things goes well, all four football players Mbappe, Cavani, Neymar and an Argentine footballer could start; the strategy maker of Basque included the four people in the same opening cast. And the 4-3-3 formation is not suitable for the real situation, particularly in combating with the football club Lyon.

Have Emery revealed any information on staring t Di Maria or Verratti, or have he hinted these two excellent football players are indispensable in the next year. Will the two footballer become starters?

No matter what have been got by the ex-boss if Sevilla, Di Maria becomes a good football player from coming back to Paris Saint-Germain after winter break. No one can deny the significance of the footballer in at the end of the season and his contributions in the first four football games of 2018. Having played for the football club in four football games, Di Maria has won five goals and offered assistance three times in all competitions, including Rennes away in the Coupe de France, Amiens away in the Coupe de la Ligue, Nantes away in Ligue 1 and Dijon at home in Le Championnat.

Until now, the 29 years old has made critical contributions at least one time in any fierce competition. Both Amiens and Nantes have been won by the football player narrowly, which emphasizes the significance in football matches. When he played with other two footballers of the MCN trio, he paid more attention to home rather than attached more importance to term in the season.

The Argentine professional football player was born on Feb. 14, 1988 in Rosario, Argentina. As an excellent professional football player, Di Maria has played for Paris Saint-Germain of Ligue 1 and Argentina national football team. Both the position of winger and attacking midfielder are suitable for him. Prior to transfer to Real Madrid, he moved to Benfica from Rosario Central, where he started his football playing career.

In football matches of 2011-12 La Liga victory, he made great contributions in the period. Then, he moved to Manchester United for £59.7 million. One year later, he turned to be footballer of PSG. From then on, he has playing for the football club in PSG football kits for several years.

Manager of Bayern Munich Jupp Heynckes Refused PSG and Chelsea in 2013

After winning three football matches consecutively in 2013, Chelsea and PSG all would like to prize the manager for a large sum of money. But, he refused to negotiate with both of them and stay with the football club Paris Saint-Germain.

In January 2013, football club Bayern Munich declared that the position of Heynckes will be taken by the former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola. Nevertheless, Heynecks made a great farewell with outstanding performance in Bundesliga and DFB Pokal prior to the three consecutive wins. The 72 years old indicated he refused approaches from two football clubs – Chelsea and PSG, concentrating on his retirement rather than another football club.

In the previous season, Chelsea was defeated by Bayern Munich in winning Champions League in Munich, but it is obvious that Chelsea paid much attention to attract Heynckes to England. After two years, the PSG have been taken over by new boss, Oryx Qatar Sports Investments (QSi). He revealed that he is unwilling to see whole entourage of the new boss entering in his farmhouse. After Carlo Ancelotti was sacked by Bayern Munich for heavy defeat in Champions League, Heynckes returned to the football club to coach the football club in October 2017 four years later.

Through the four terms of the coach career, Bavarians has won 17 football matches out of 18 football games, including the shootout success against Leipzig of DFB Pokal.

Arsenal is in the contention for PSG’s Lucas Moura

Football club Arsenal is intend to prise the winger Lucas Moura of Paris Saint-Germain ahead of the close of the winter transfer window. Lucas intends to look for first-team football in this month, and leader of ligue 1 also allow his move. Through the season, Lucas has played for six football matches for PSG in total, failing behind the pecking order after rivals like Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. After the latest win at Nantes, Lucas was told that he could not moving forward with his teammates in PSG. This decision has been made the boss of PSG Unai Emery.

He also have thought that if there is a chance to stay with the football club this winter. Given the content of wording from PSG’s boss, this is his last period with the Paris. Many European football clubs have showed interests in purchasing the young football player. But football club Manchester United is approaching to Alexis Sanchez of Arsenal and Hotspur is advancing to Malcom of Bordeaux. Both of the above football clubs is not possible to pay attention to Lucas.

Since the 24 years old hopes to move to Premier League football clubs, it is an openingr Arsenal to buy the footballer in transfer window. It’s said that Arsenal is interested in Malcom of Bordeaux. Lucas could take the position of a midfield of Arsenal after Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was sold to Liverpool in the summer. Football club Arsenal would like a loan deal rather than purchasing Lucas permanently, but PSG intend to compensate for losses by selling the young Brazil footballer on a permanent basis.

Referee Shows a Red Card to PSG’s Dani Alves

The right-back of Paris Saint-Germain Dani Alves is dissatisfied with the red card from a referee; he expressed his depression and dissatisfaction on to Instagram in an over action. The 34-year-old footballer is probably to receive booking in the second half by referee Clement Turpin at Groupama Stadium; on the contrary, he was sacked by the referee and his position will be taken by Marco Verratti.

Alves revealed his dissatisfaction to Mr. referee’s fudged answer; and he also said that this matter has been decided ahead of the match. Nevertheless, the imminent suspension of Alves may be a good opening for Thomas Meunier in the PSG. In this week, Les Parisiens will get assistance and help from Guingamp at home in the Coupe de France round of 32 and Montpellier at home in Ligue 1.

Fine Healthy Status of PSG’s Kylian Mbappe after Collision with Anthony Lopes

On Sunday, Kylian Mbappe, a football layer of Paris Saint-Germain and Anthony Lopes, a footballer of France national football team, were involved in a collision in a football match. After this severe collision, the PSG reiterate the fine healthy status of the excellent professional football player Kylian Mbappe. The leader of Ligue 1 was defeated by Groupama Stadium at Lyon while the 19-year-old Kylian Mbappe only insisted 35 minutes after involved in the collision with Anthony Lopes for chasing after the ball in penalty area. He got injured in the collision and went through a rough completion in Lyon. Shortly after this collision, mother of Kylian Mbappe encouraged the action of his son and reposted the message. In addition, the PSG also published the footballer is healthy and he will return to capital with his teammates.

After the football match, the related medical staff have mentioned to reassuring particularly and allowed him to go back to Paris. In the beginning of the week, he will be examined at first to determine whether he could return to football fields. After PSG updated their reports on the health of the footballer. The footballer himself also confirmed that he is ok to ease concerning of his supporters. He post that he is fine and felt more frightening rather than pain after this severe collision with another football player. When it refers to this situation, former international referee Bruno Derrien confessed that the situation is too complicated while Lopes failed to control himself as coming out. It is certain to be punished by this negative behavior.

Lopes holds that it is not a punishment absolutely while he admit the possibility in bracing himself out of the collision. He denied the wording of “penalty” in the mixed zone. The reason why he could fall down is that he touched the football at first; at the same time, he was involved in the tangled situation. Kylian paid much attention to his run and have not noticed another footballer’s coming. He was hit by the footballer at chest height. Anthony Lopes have thought Kylian Mbappe could take some measures to brace himself but he failed to do this.