Privacy Policy

This material is designed to provide general guidance about an aspect of nonprofit corporate governance in the specific and limited context of the governance. It is intended to provide some general guidance on the establishment of processes and/or policies to address a specific governance question in the Form. The subject matter of that question implicates a broad array of legal and practical issues ranging far beyond the immediate subject matter of the question itself. This material may address some of those issues but does NOT attempt to review them comprehensively and is NOT intended to be relied on for guidance on how they should be addressed in any specific situation.

  1. Policy and Purposes

This Policy represents the policy of the “Website” with respect to the retention and destruction of documents and other records, both in hard copy and electronic media. Purposes of the Policy include (a) retention and maintenance of documents necessary for the proper functioning of the organization as well as to comply with applicable legal requirements; (b) destruction of documents which no longer need to be retained; and (c) guidance for the Board of Directors, officers, staff and other constituencies with respect to their responsibilities concerning document retention and destruction.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the organization reserves the right to revise or revoke this Policy at any time.